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Olivia Rose is a graduate student, artist, jewelry-maker, tutor, and illustrator from the Northeast. Although she has a degree in environmental science and biology, she is currently studying infectious disease epidemiology. She is proud to be a life-long vegetarian and is devoted to animals of all species.

Olivia is the owner of the Olivia Rose Silver shop on Etsy. You can visit the shop via the link below for a beautiful selection of fine sterling silver, gold, and natural gemstone jewelry. Check out the Olivia Rose Silver Twitter page for updates and exclusive deals!

Her other interests include eco-tourism – with the goal seeing as many different animals as possible, snorkeling and scuba diving, conservation and evolutionary biology, art of all kinds, tiny trinkets, dark matter and energy, fine art, very old things, coins, indoor and outdoor gardening, fashion and style, photography, the great mysteries of the universe, tattoos, gemstones, crystals, and nature in all of Her glory.

Olivia loves her amazing fiancé, tiny rescue dog, and giant cat. She is the daughter of a father who is a yogi and author on Buddhist philosophy and a mother who is a professor of social work. She has a younger brother and stepfather who mean the world to her.

All photographs, jewelry, and artwork by Olivia are noted as such; please do not remove.

I LOVE getting messages, ask me anything!

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